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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil ♥

I thought I would enlighten you with the new Eyebrow Pencil I have found that I think works really well to make my eyebrows look natural! I only picked it up because all cosmetics were 3 for 2 (and I had already purchased my foundation and powder) so I thought I would give it ago as I literally have no eyebrows!

It is really easy to apply, however I do have to wipe my eyebrows afterwards as my hair is very fair so I feel it still looks a little too dark!

as you can see, I have no eyebrows!
this is after applying the pencil, I feel this is a little too dark!
this is after I have brused them down, using the brush & wiped them a little with tissue!
I feel like this product gives my eyebrows more shape and just gives them the boost to make them noticeable but not too noticeable so that people know I have drawn them on :)

Hope you like this, have a lovely weekend my lovlies! :)

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