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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas ♥

It's official its almost Christmas. Today I got home from a little Christmas shop to find all the decorations down from the loft - how exciting! I was made cheif tree decorator. I got to put it together, spread out all of the branches, wrap the lights around the tree and add the baubles.

Every year we have a colour theme, but this year we are just going for simple white and silver, but obviously with colourful lights :D

I know everyone started getting excited as soon as it hit the 1st December, but for me, it's not Christmas until the tree is up!!


  1. Love the Christmas tree....haven't even brought one yet....full of humbug this year...:(( x

  2. I am really enjoying seeing everyones tree pictures this year! I am away from home over the christmas run up for the first time ever! And I will miss the putting up the tree!!! :-(

    This is reallly cute.