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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Get To Know Me Tag! ♥

I saw this on Rachael's Blog so thought I would give it a go :D
Vital Statistics:

*Name - Amy

*Nicknames - Aim or Aims

*Birthday - 16th June

*Place of Birth - Watford, UK

*Zodiac Sign - Gemini

*Male or Female - Female

*Occupation - Full Time Nursery Practioner



*Hair Colour - Dark Blonde/Light Brown

*Hair Length - Shoulder Length

*Eye Colour - Blue

*Best Feature - Eyes, although I have been told I have nice hair!

*Height - 5'7/5'8

*Braces - Used to have them

*Glasses - I haven't had my eyes checked in a while, but I was supposed too.

*Piercings - My ears twice and my belly

*Tattoos - I have Amy written on my wrist with a flower (do not ask!)

*Righty of Lefty - Righty!


Your "Firsts":

*First Best Friend - Joe from nursery & we are still in sort of contact!

*First Award - My dancing medals

*First Sport You Joined - Football

*First Real Vacation - Portugal

*First Concert - Steps!



*Movie - The Green Mile - never fails to make me cry!

*TV Show - It changes all the time, at the moment it is probably Hollyoaks!

*Colour - Red

*Song - Take Care - Drake Feat. Rihanna

*Candy - Haribo - Tangfastics

*Restaurant - Harvester or Toby Carvery

*Store - New Look/H&M/River Island

*Book - Don't really have one, but I like real life stories.

*Magazine - Heat Magazine

*Shoes - UGG's for during the day & my boot heels for the evenings!



*Feeling - Pretty ill with a cold & chest infection :(

*Single or Taken - Over 4 years with James now ♥

*Eating - A Mars Bar that my Mum brought me home :)

*Listening to - Always - Elliot Yamin

*Thinking about - What to have for dinner!

*Wanting - To feel better.

*Watching - Nothing :)

*Wearing - Skinny Jeans, a H&M top & cardi!



*Want children? - Yes, the sooner the better :)

*Want to be married - Maybe someday.

*Careers in mind - Midwifery or Neonatal Nurse

*Where do you want to live - St. Albans area :D


Do You Believe In:

*God - Not really, but I do believe in something and religion does interest me.
*Miracles - Not sure.

*Love at first sight - Not really.

*Ghosts - Yes I would love to see one.

*Aliens - No

*Soul Mates - Yesss

*Heaven - I like to think we go to somewhere better :)

*Hell - Not really.

*Kissing on the first date - A little peck maybe :)

*Yourself - Depends on the situation :D

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