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Monday, 28 November 2011

Sea Salt Spray ♥

As promised here is my review on Lee Stafford's Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray! Before purchasing it I read the reviews on Boots and the majority of people said they would not recommend this to a friend, but I went for it anyway as Lee Stafford products were on 2 for £9 and my mum was purchasing one anyway, so it only cost me £4.50 compared to nearly £8.

This is the packaging which I think is pretty and girly!
Firstly, I loved the smell of my hair after using this. I can't quite distinguish what the smell was but I know that it smelt lovely, which is just as well as it recommends that you spray quite a lot on your hair, about 50 sprays.

Secondly, it made my hair feel natural! Usually when I use a product to make my hair wavy/curly my hair feels very crunchy and looks greasy, but this product made my hair look natural.

My only gripe about this would be that it did make my hair feel slightly greasy when used on dry hair, which it says you can, compared to wet/damp hair.

This is how it made my hair look :)
I would definately recommend this to a friend :)

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