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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Well My Lovelies..♥

A bit of a random post to be honest as today I have realised something! I care too much about what people think about me, or more to the point what I think people will think (if that's not too much to take in!)

I was just casually looking through my Look magazine, looking at all the beautiful clothes and I thought to myself, I want to be able to wear them! But the truth is I always tend to go for the easy option, I would prefer to look and imagine the way I would wear them and I love creating outfits. I just hate the thought of someone saying, "what does she look like!"

I try so hard to be the person I think everyone else sees or wants me to be that I have kind of lost who I really am and I have probably done the same with this whole 'blogging world'. I have probably tried too hard to be part of it (as it is something I enjoy) that again I have probably not been myself although I have tried.

So as of the New Year, everyone is going to start seeing the real Amy! I am going to be ME, wear what I like and do what I like!

As my friend said, "you should wear what you think looks good, don't worry about what others think!"

P.S. I promise I will be back to my usual posts as soon as I find the time! This is such a busy time, I spent my evening writing out over 30 christmas cards to each of the children I work with and their families :D

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