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Monday, 7 November 2011

My Weekend ♥

I have had a simple but amazing weekend :) don't you just love weekends like that?


I went to a family engagement party. I only popped in for a few hours as I wasn't feeling too great, but I had a lovely time!


I went Christmas shopping during the day with my Mum and two sisters, Ellen & Charlotte to the Harlequin. Unfortunately I didn't actually purchase any Christmas presents for anyone, but did get a few things for myself :)

In the evening I went to watch Fireworks at St. Albans Park with my Mum, two sisters, James and Tiff (Ellen's boyfriend). They were amazing, but then again I absolutely LOVE Fireworks. Then we headed off to Chiquito's for some dinner!

(Jame's chicken was in the shape of a heart!)


I spent the day in bed as I was not well :( but James brought me lots of magazines to keep me going! So today I am off work as I cannot return to work within 48 hours of being sick!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend as I did,

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