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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Slight Obsession...

So I have this sudden slight obsession with Red Bull. Don't ask me why, it could be the fact that I have heavily relied on it the past few weeks to get me through work! & its just very yummy :D

I have also become, I wouldn't say obsessed, but interested in Mystery type TV series. Have any of you been watching Hidden, because I cannot get enough of it :) I hate the fact I have to wait a whole week to find out what happens next! & Harry Venn (Philip Glenister) is rather attractive when he gets all serious & angry ;)
Philip Glenister in 'Hidden'
Photo sourced http://www.emmerdale.me.uk/tv/interviews/a343012/philip-glenister-hidden-interview-im-a-fan-of-conspiracy-thrillers.html
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, I had a very relaxed weekend with my Jamesy, but he had to leave to go away with work this evening :( but on the upside he is back on Wednesday night & I only have a three day working week as I have Thursday & Friday off :D

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