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Saturday, 22 October 2011

It's the weekend ♥

I get very excited for the weekends, even thought I don't actually do anything exciting, because working such long hours all week means its nice to have the energy to actually do something productive! & it also means I get to spend time with James as he also works full time during the week! So today I plan to go shopping and stock up on winter clothes and get James his belated birthday present - woops! There is actually a genuine story behind that :)

Photo sourced http://www.brotherswithnogame.com/she-tried-to-kanye-me/
Sunday will probably be a day of relaxing and continuing with my blog (I am really trying but I get a little confused sometimes haha!) as James is going away Sunday evening after being away the whole of last week with work :(

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, look forward to reading about yours!

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